Meet Mary

A photo story on Mary, the yoga instructor...


I met Mary after she saw the photos I did of Brooke, owner of Yoga Life in St. Joseph, Michigan. She contacted me about shooting while she was in yoga teacher training at Yoga Life. After months of emails about scheduling a date, we finally met at my Makeup Ritual photo shoot and started getting some ideas together. 

The day we shot was a lot of fun. We did some morning shots at Dweller's Coworking and then we went to Tiscornia Park for some shots on the golf course. In the evening I met her at her house and we did some shots on the patio and in the yard with her and Brooke. Mary was hosting a little going away party for one of her classmates from teacher training class that evening and it was really nice of her to invite me to join. Being a yogi myself, I fit right in with the fellow yogi's from her class and we had a really nice evening. We sat along the river and conversed until the sun went down; then we started a bon fire. We even had some drama as a neighbor's dog jumped in to the river and chased after a family of ducks. It became really hilarious as the papa duck started to chase back after the dog!

I really enjoyed working with Mary to create some photos for her portfolio, as well as to become closer with the yoga community in my area!

Thanks, Mary!