Open Call for Female Faces

Looking for volunteers for a photo series...

So before I was employed as a commercial photographer and before I started portfolio building for my own business, I was in art school. Making photography into art was tricky, but I took a more political and social stance in my art making which has always been "in" in the art world. I was making art about women's issues and became a full blown feminist in the process. Yay! I was/am particularly interested in the way that women present themselves in society; clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, etc. I created a few different series of work to explore this idea.

The spring before my senior year, I was asked to submit one of my series to Art Prize, a worldwide art competition that takes place each year throughout the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I chose to submit a piece called, Makeup Ritual, and it was picked up by a gallery on Division St.

In the series, I photographed 20 college aged women. The image created was a diptych, where the image on the left was a portrait of the subject without any makeup or hairstyling and the photo on the right was taken after they had sat in front of a mirror and made themselves up. Here are some examples from the series, as well as some images of my 2012 installation at Art Prize.

What I am looking for your help with, is to revamp the series and do it all over again, in the hopes of entering the 2016 MAAC Show at The Box Factory for the Arts, in St. Joseph, Michigan. I am lucky enough to know a ton of amazing women locally and I would love to have them sit for a portrait.

The images would be taken a lot differently than these examples in terms of overall tone of the images, but the concept would remain the same for the before/after images. I am looking to do this work very soon: the weekend of April 9 & 10. And I would love to photograph as many women as I can! It will be an open call and you can either set a time with me or just drop by. Bring a friend, your mother, your sister! Contact me however you please, for more details!

I can't wait to revisit this concept and experience this process with the women in my life right now. 

Thank you in advance for your participation!