Cosmic Clean

Experimenting with bubbles and light...

Spontaneous photo shoots are my new favorite creative outlet! I had such a creative high after this shoot with my gal pal/stylist, Lynn. The whole thing went like this...

Lynn: I want to do a shoot with bubbles...

OK: Let's do it! Sounds like fun.

Lynn: Ok! You can come over to my apartment and we can watch American Idol and just play around.

OK: Oooo! Let's use the light from the television to light the photographs.

Lynn: YES!

And then it happened! I showed up with my gear and my colorful backdrops and she had three different kinds of soap to make bubbles with. It was girls night, as her neighbor came over to make valentine's cards. 

Check out the diagram below. Here's how I lit these... I find it really fun to think outside the box with lighting. Anything that makes light can do! I even used a colorful photo on my iPhone screen for a few to light specific parts of the image.


Please enjoy viewing the images, and feel free to make any comments! 

And check out my stylist, Lynn's website to view her work in all its creative glory!